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Christmas 2012

What a wonderful trip.  It was awesome visiting with all 3 of my grown-up kids and their spouses and my 6 delightful grandchildren.  Can’t believe I have been gone for almost 4 weeks – that is a new record for being away from my home and pets.  Getting to take another painting lesson with my 2 daughters was priceless – well, at least for me it was – that was part of my Christmas gift from them.  We went to an upscale theater with very plush seats (Violet Crown) to see the story of Alfred Hitchcock’s life during the making of Psycho.  Now I want to see Psycho.  I learned to play some new games (Suspend and 10,000 – commonly called Farckle) and had the wonderful opportunity to paint on the windows using Magic Markers for windows – what a great invention – all kids should have a set of these markers.  Actually, I want to get a set for myself – I’d love to paint on my windows here at home!

I spent most of my time in Texas, when we were not eating and sight-seeing, in the family sewing room making PJ’s and robes for the boys.  After touring the Festival of Lights, on the way home, my 6 year old grandson announced, “No sleeping, Grandma, until my robe is finished.”   They were having a Polar Express Day at school the next day and the kids were to wear PJ’s and robes to school.  Yes, it was a long night, but his robe was finished by morning.  (Growing up, my favorite children’s story was “The Elves and the Shoemaker”.  It was fun playing the part of the Elves!)

We visited Fredericksburg, Texas, since I live near and work in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  What a fun little town – we enjoyed some great German dining and wonderful hand-made chocolates. 

Happy New Year to everyone – it’s nice to be back home and begin planning my next G-ma trip to see the wee-ones again.  Due to some plane malfunctions, in-flight detours, and long waits in airports, I now have a travel voucher to help defray the cost of my next trip.  Texas/PA – here I come again!  Thanks, family, for hosting and putting up with me – what a great holiday!