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Sewing – Temporarily on Hold…

Just Ask Rita:  OK – so here’s the thing – yesterday, while I was taking an early morning shower (OK, not so early) a few tiles fell off the wall.  I searched the internet for a way to re-tile the bathroom myself.  I found a site that listed the difficulty level as ‘easy’.  Now, 24 hours into my self-remodeling project, I have a few tips of my own to share with anyone interested. 

Yes, it is an easy process if you follow these 3 simple steps:  first, heat a pot of water; second, call your local handyman; third, sit down to a freshly brewed cup of tea and a good book while your handyman re-tiles your bathroom.  You know what they say about hind-sight?  I must now return to my up-close and personal relationship with wallboard, tiles, mud, and grout!  Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a nice hot shower right about now…and my sewing room is calling me!